About Us

Our Aim

Families in Partnership is a collective of parent carers of children with a wide range of special educational needs and disabilities. Our aim is to make sure that parents’ voices are heard when it comes to planning and decision making about services for our SEND children and young people in Worcestershire.

By creating a safe and protective environment for parent carers to share their experiences, the forum can help to enable change or improvements when needed and promote those areas of services when they are working well, through positive dialogue and co-production.

Read our updated constitution adopted in April 2024.

Steering Group

The Families in Partnership Steering Group is made up of volunteers who govern the forum and meet weekly (when required) and monthly. 

The Steering Group is currently formed of three Parent Carers: Berni Louise, Hazel Shaw and Iona Walton.

Worcestershire Association of Carers (WAC) are our fiscal host orgnanisation and provides financial and HR oversight and to support the forum activities.



NNPCF is the National Network of Parent Carer Forums, and they act as the independent national voice of local Parent Carer Forums. They engage on a national level and provide support, such as national events and resources.



CONTACT are the delivery partner of the Department for Education and support Parent Carer Forums across England with resources, training, governance, and grant applications.

Worcestershire Association of Carers

WAC are the leading information, advice and support service provider for informal/unpaid carers across Worcestershire. They provide professional services to support the forum.

If you would like more information or need support with your caring role, visit www.carersworcs.org.uk or call 0300 012 4272.

How we are funded

Parent Carer Forums are a national initiative funded by the Department for Education through their partner, CONTACT. Families in Partnership Worcestershire also receive funding through Worcestershire Children’s First and the NHS to carry out specific engagement projects which benefit the lives of our SEND children and young people.